Clean towels are available any time upon request. Trash will be taken out as needed daily. Please do your own dishes, and clean any messes made on the stove or counters. There are cleaning supplies provided. You will be charged for any damages or extreme messes to the cabin or the property.
Pets are welcome with prior notice. They are not allowed in the rooms unattended, however, unless in a carrier. Any messes found after you have left the premises (ie, urine/feces on carpet or furniture, any damage to furniture or carpets) will result in a $100 cleaning fee charged to your credit card immediately. If damages exceed $100 (replacement of furniture, loss of ability to rent cabin, etc,) the remainder of the balance will be charged to your card. Also, pets must be kept under close supervision and control when outdoors. Please pick up after your pets.
All cabins are non-smoking cabins. Ashtrays are provided outside your cabin. You will be charged for any cleaning fees and loss of ability to rent cabin for smoking in the cabins.
Saving energy helps keep our rates down, so please turn off lights and air conditioners if you are going to be gone.
Please be courteous to the other guests. The facilities are there for everyone to use and enjoy. Please keep the noise level down after 10:30 p.m.
Posted hot tub rules must be followed at all times. Hot tub hours are 10:00am to 10:30pm. No one under 12 is allowed in the hot tub. Please respect the other guests and their right to enjoy the hot tub as well. Please keep the noise to a minimum.
Fire Pits are for general use. PLEASE KEEP LOGS UNDER PROTECTIVE GRATE! Use fire safety rules and never leave the fire unattended. Please put fire out when you are done.
The creek contains slippery rocks. Parents are required to supervise children at all times. Climbing on the rocks across the creek is not recommended and is done so at your own risk. Harney Camp Cabins will not be responsible for any damage or injuries.
We have the right to refuse to rent to anyone for any reason.

Any reservations for 3 or more nights require a deposit of one half the total stay. Reservations of 1 or 2 nights require valid credit card information. Any cancellation fee (see policies) will be charged accordingly.
The Deposit policy is at the discretion of the owner at all times, DEPENDING UPON THE TERMS OF YOUR STAY.

Cancellation/Refund Policies
All reservation cancellations require TWO WEEKS notice (with the exception of the Sturgis Rally see below). Any reservation cancelled less than two weeks will be charged for the full stay.
Reservations of two (2) nights will be charged a ONE night cancellation fee.
Reservations of three (3) or more nights will be charged of the number of nights reserved as a cancellation fee.

Refunds will be made upon the discretion of Management, and if all the above policies have been met accordingly.
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